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Monarch designs unique storefronts to draw in passersby using features like distinctive color palettes, light and shadow, ambiance and more.


With nearly twenty years of experience, Monarch’s award-winning team will design an ideal retail space that both employees and customers will love from the aesthetic architectural elements of the storefront to the maximally efficient layout of the interior. Monarch creates eye-catching façades that draw people in with design features such as ambiance, color schemes, light and shadow, and more. With our proprietary Live Design technology, you’ll work with Monarch one-on-one using our easy, cost-effective process to render a live, 3D model of your project that you can provide feedback for and change in real time, giving you the power to design your retail space all the way down to the smallest of details.

Why choose Monarch?

  • Nearly two decades of experience designing retail structures that efficiently maximize the use of available space
  • Utilize our proprietary Live Design Process to see how your design choices will impact the resulting project in real time as your changes are made with virtual tours, 360-degree models, and 3D walk throughs
  • Monarch’s unique design process delivers your dream retail design 75% faster, at a lower cost than competitors
  • Monarch respectfully works with you to deliver the results you want within your budget
  • Award-winning work experience

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For a sample of our work, check out our featured projects below.

Featured Retail Projects

Tower 24

Monarch designed Tower 24, a mixed-use commercial/residential development that serves as the town center for the adjacent neighborhoods. Located on the intersection of Tower Road and 24th Avenue, it serves as a buffer between the commercial activity on Tower Road and the residential areas to the west. Designed and built between 2011-2012, the tree lined pedestrian walkways connect four two-story buildings with courtyard entries to the first-floor shops and offices as well as the second-floor apartments.

Type of Project: Retail

AOR: Howard McLean

ACE Hardware

Constructed for the Kennard Ace Hardware Corp, this new 10,000 square foot retail building is a structural steel, bar joist roof structure with CMU walls. Monarch’s design of the interior space includes a large retail area, storage areas, break rooms, and an administrative office space.

Type of Project: Retail

AOR: Jim Vignola

Five Below

For this renovation, Monarch transformed two suites into one large retail space for Five Below in the Gainesville Plaza Shopping Center, working closely with the corporate architect group from Five Below to coordinate the complete design of the exterior and interior space. The team focused on structurally reinforcing existing beams to accommodate new openings and renovated the main façade of the store by doubling the size of the sign and adding a new column with a wall sconce to match the existing structure.

Type of Project: Retail

AOR: Howard McLean

Hand and Stone Spa

Hand and Stone Spa sought to balance an innovative interior design with their serene branding, while maintaining an efficient use of the space. To meet these needs, Monarch designed a unique serenity room with a bubble wall that integrates colored lights and provides a contemporary, soothing feel, resulting in a peaceful and relaxing visit. To support business goals, Monarch also designed seven extra massage and facial rooms (including a room for couples), a waiting room, and a call center for staff that did not sacrifice retail square footage. Throughout the project, Monarch focused on energy efficiency, adding space for extra storage and occupancy sensors in all of the rooms.

Type of Project: Commercial and Office/Retail

AOR: Barnett Chenault

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Other Areas of Expertise

Medical, Dental, and Hospital

Monarch’s design team has extensive experience building spaces that suit medical practice’s specialized needs.


Monarch will capture your vision for your dream home and bring it to life with our team’s creativity and imagination.


Whip up a gourmet kitchen with facilities that meet all of your professional requirements with Monarch’s experienced team.

Commercial and Office

Customize your office space’s design to match your business’s needs in real-time with Monarch’s Live Design technology.

Civic Spaces and Community

Craft your perfect community or civic space with a design team that’s won 25 city beautification awards.


Our team designs bold monuments for signage with a creative eye for aesthetic appeal.


Monarch designs unique storefronts to draw in passersby using features like distinctive color palettes, light and shadow, ambiance and more.


Build beautiful apartments sure to attract tenants with our team’s dedication to the little details that tie your project together.


Monarch has an excellent record of delivering efficient government buildings within budget and on schedule.

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