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Monarch has an excellent record of delivering efficient government buildings within budget and on schedule.


Over the last two decades, we’ve completed an array of government contracts, from stately buildings like city halls to crisis-ready structures like emergency operations centers that require specialized project features to function, such as the capability to withstand extreme weather conditions. We approach each project with an eye for refined, sophisticated aesthetics while emphasizing the functionality of the building, all while ensuring the entire project is run efficiently and kept within budget. We’ll bring your project to life with an easy, cost-effective process that uses our proprietary Live Design technology, which creates a live 3D model that you can adjust and change in real time.

Why choose Monarch?

  • Experience producing efficient and effective work designed to meet specialized regulatory requirements and crisis-specific features
  • Cost effective: Monarch’s unique design process delivers your dream project design 75% faster, at a lower cost than competitors
  • Works well within strict budgets and timelines
  • Utilize our proprietary Live Design Process to see how your design choices will impact the resulting project in real time as your changes are made with virtual tours, 360-degree models, and 3D walk throughs

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For a sample of our work, check out our featured projects below.

Featured Government Projects

City of Gainesville - "Westside" Spurgeon Cherry Pool Renovation

Monarch was chosen by the City of Gainesville to spearhead the renovation of this important community center which included a new exterior, reconstruction of the entry, a new roof, 2 family bathrooms that are accessible from the pool deck, the addition of private shower stalls, touchless handwashing stations, digital lockers, bathing suit spinners, benches, interior finishes and much more.

Type of Project: Civic Spaces and Community/Government

AOR: Barnett Chenault

UF Library West

The Entrance Lobby Renovations to Library West are part of the UF Minor Projects 17, which consist of an extensive collection of projects for the University, from renovations to new designs to conceptional updates. With each of these projects, Monarch analyzed the surrounding areas and created a design to fit the environment while catering to the project’s needs. The scope of these projects covered a range of budgets while also occurring in a busy environment. For Library West, Monarch designed an inviting interior while masking a number of the building’s HVAC and fire suppression systems. The elimination of a fire door played a large factor in the design’s success. Monarch extended a wood screen to create a new ceiling that concealed the former fire door location along with the utilities running over the entrance. Finally, a new soffit proved to be an ideal location for additional signage as well.

Type of Project: Government

AOR: Howard McLean

Putnam County Emergency Operations Center

Monarch renovated a 22-year-old, 20,000-square-foot Bellsouth building into an Emergency Operations Center for Putnam County. Design work and construction was required for the interior and exterior conversions to create a building that could withstand 160 mph winds. The tireless effort of Monarch’s team helped to not only reduce costs but finish the project ahead of schedule.

Type of Project: Government

AOR: Howard McLean

City of Alachua: City Hall and Police Station

Monarch partnered with the City of Alachua to design and construct the new face for the city with their side-by-side City Hall and Police Station positioned on a scenic sloping lawn with two landscaped ponds. Welcoming verandahs alongside the pedestrian-friendly and park-like space, the exterior of the buildings needed to embrace the traditional styles of the city while incorporating the future. Both buildings required plenty of office space, and the City Hall required a 150-seat Commission Chamber. To ensure long-term usability and low maintenance, the buildings use a combination of masonry, steel construction, and metal roof systems. Monarch incorporated the needs and wants of the City of Alachua to create one-of-a-kind buildings with style and efficiency.

Type of Project: Government

AOR: Howard McLean

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Monarch has an excellent record of delivering efficient government buildings within budget and on schedule.

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