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Monarch will capture your vision for your dream home and bring it to life with our team’s creativity and imagination.


You’ve been fantasizing about your dream home for years – now let Monarch bring it to life. Whether you prefer an elegant, French Provincial aesthetic or a breezy, relaxing island vibe, our team can tailor the architectural style and design aspects of your dream home to match your tastes. Monarch’s award-winning team will take every facet of your day into account when designing your perfect home, from incorporating accessibility features to carving out personalized spaces for the parts of your life that mean the most. We’ll capture your artistic vision for your new luxury residence with our proprietary Live Design technology, which will create a live, 3D model that you can view and change in real time in a one-on-one meeting with our team.


Why choose Monarch?

  • Monarch respectfully works with you to deliver the gorgeous results you want within your budget
  • Award-winning work experience
  • Utilize our proprietary Live Design Process to see how your design choices will impact the resulting project in real time as your changes are made with virtual tours, 360-degree models, and 3D walk throughs
  • Monarch’s unique design process delivers your dream residential design 75% faster, at a lower cost than competitors

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For a sample of our work, check out our featured projects below.

Featured Residential Projects

Hudson House

Monarch partnered with the homeowner of Hudson House to capture the vision for accessibility, relaxation, and entertainment alongside a County French Provincial palette. Reminiscent of a family farm, the 12,000-square-foot home centers on a screened-in courtyard that opens to the southern sky. The statement barrel tile and standing seam metal roofs interplay throughout the home, creating a juxtaposition of structure and materials.

Type of Project: Residential

AOR: Howard McLean

Fleming Lake House

To capture the vision of the homeowner, Monarch created a plan that focused on functionality along with style. This Island-Style, 5,800-square-foot home is constructed from concrete block, and finished with stucco, lapped siding, and Bahama shutters. The standing seam metal roofing features exposed rafter tails, tongue, and groove soffits while the interior also highlights exposed trusses and wood ceilings. The indoor-outdoor kitchen, large multi-use garages, decks, swimming pool, and firepit ensure that this home will be the perfect retreat for all.

Type of Project: Residential

AOR: Howard McLean

Fairfield Homes

A signature of grandeur desert living, the One Oak Luxury Homes | Stone Canyon project consists of over 300 luxurious one-of-a-kind homesites valued at 1.5 million and above that are built within smart, master-planned developments and nestled in the Sonoran Desert. Monarch Design Group carefully designs one-on-one with the homeowner to provide a private, lavish residence that’s unique to them with custom architectural detail and craftsmanship both inside and out. Monarch’s team develops each distinctive architectural elevation with breathtaking views of the surrounding desertscape. Expertly integrated with the terrain, each property unfurls priceless views of the natural scenery, functioning as a calm and restoring retreat to call home.

Type of Project: Residential

AOR: Barnett Chenault

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Other Areas of Expertise

Medical, Dental, and Hospital

Monarch’s design team has extensive experience building spaces that suit medical practice’s specialized needs.

Civic Spaces and Community

Craft your perfect community or civic space with a design team that’s won 25 city beautification awards.

Commercial and Office

Customize your office space’s design to match your business’s needs in real-time with Monarch’s Live Design technology.


Our team designs bold monuments for signage with a creative eye for aesthetic appeal.


Monarch has an excellent record of delivering efficient government buildings within budget and on schedule.

Historic Preservation & Renovation



Monarch designs unique storefronts to draw in passersby using features like distinctive color palettes, light and shadow, ambiance and more.


Monarch will capture your vision for your dream home and bring it to life with our team’s creativity and imagination.


Build beautiful apartments sure to attract tenants with our team’s dedication to the little details that tie your project together.


Whip up a gourmet kitchen with facilities that meet all of your professional requirements with Monarch’s experienced team.

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