Medical, Dental, and Hospital Projects Designed by Monarch Design Group

Monarch’s design team has extensive experience building spaces that suit medical practice’s specialized needs.


Monarch Design Group has nearly two decades of experience designing customized medical and dental offices, as well as hospital spaces, that both meet the unique health industry goals and regulations and are properly equipped to handle your practice area’s unique challenges, from patient rooms that maximize privacy to spaces that suit specialized equipment. Our proprietary Live Design technology will bring your project to life in an easy, efficient, and cost-effective process using a 3D model that you can adjust and change in real time as you provide feedback to our architect team to ensure your project turns out precisely the way you want and need.

Why choose Monarch?

  • Design a build-out from the ground up or renovate an existing building to suit your medical or dental office’s specialized requirements
  • Design a local or regional hospital or urgent care center designed to accommodate the population size of your practice area as well as the site’s needs
  • Cost effective: Monarch’s unique design process delivers your dream medical or dental office design 75% faster, at a lower cost than competitors
  • Utilize our proprietary Live Design Process to see how your design choices will impact the resulting project in real time as your changes are made with virtual tours, 360-degree models, and 3D walk throughs
  • Monarch has award-winning work experience, including winning the American IA Honor Award for Design Excellence for their design work for UF Health.

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For a sample of our work, check out our featured projects below.

Featured Medical, Dental, and Hospital Projects

4411 Lozano Dental Office

The two-story, 12,000-square-foot Lozano dental and medical building is designed to be a pleasant place to both visit and work. The architecture of the building speaks to a combination of Wrightian, modern, and contemporary building styles. Expansive windows showcase internally lit glass stair towers and a clean expression of its structural system. It is a polished structure designed with an emphasis on natural light due to extensive glazing and the articulation of the west façade. The interior space is finished in natural materials in meticulous detail that harmonizes with the outdoors, using rusticated masonry and simulated wood that mimic the environment. An emphasis on horizontality grounds the building into its setting and reduces the scale. With a nod to the urban streetscape, clean stucco surfaces and exposed beams bring a minimalist vibe that offers the perfect canvas for the creative and innovative activities within its walls.

Type of Project: Medical, Dental, and Hospital

AOR: Howard McLean

UF Family Medicine

With this outpatient medical facility, Monarch balanced specialized medical requirements for UF Health and Shands with local ordinances and was awarded the AIA Honor Award for Design Excellence. The façade design was an innovative response to the city’s requirement for window openings to provide “street front vitality,” and is an example of how to achieve the design intent (privacy) when in direct conflict with a city requirement. Additionally, Monarch designed 25 exam rooms, two procedure rooms, and group counseling spaces. As part of the teaching hospital, the building contains a mixed use of office spaces, as well. Clinical and non-clinical spaces are designed for an interactive, collaborative learning and research environment, with a large resident room, a lecture/training room, and preceptor spaces.

Type of Project: Medical, Dental, and Hospital

AOR: Howard McLean

Palms Medical Group- Trenton

Palms Medical Group in Trenton is now the first choice for primary medical and dental healthcare in Levy County. The design coupled separate pediatric and adult primary healthcare offices through the construction of a large, centralized administrative building. Additions to both healthcare spaces were also incorporated into the scope, resulting in a facility that is now over 30,000 square feet. The interiors of both existing offices were extensively renovated and modified to coordinate with the new construction. The entire exterior was then given a new roof, new windows and new exterior siding. New parking, landscaping and stormwater features we’re also part of the scope.

Type of Project: Medical, Dental, and Hospital

AOR: Howard McLean

UF Health - Florida Recovery Center

The UF Health Florida Recovery Center, architected by Monarch Design Group, represents a fusion of modern, sustainable design tailored for therapeutic use. Spanning 5.5 acres, this three-story, 52,000+ square foot residential treatment center features 21 apartments housing a total of 75 bedrooms. Designed for efficiency and healing, the facility includes patient accommodations, an administrative office space, and holistic health amenities such as an outdoor pool and a yoga park. Monarch’s commitment to sustainable architecture and functional design emphasizes creating environments that support recovery and enhance patient well-being. In partnership with Parrish McCall for construction and CHW for civil engineering, this project is set to become a leading model for health care facilities dedicated to addiction recovery.

Type of Project: Medical, Dental, and Hospital/Government/Multi-Family

AOR: Barnett Chenault

Taylor & Ratliff Dental Office

Monarch reimagined this 3,900-square-foot medical office with both cosmetic and functional updates, resulting in a striking office that will help further the practice’s business goals effectively. Under the 2017 Florida Building Code, renovations are classified as Level 2 Alterations to the existing building, including the replacement of copper water supply lines, LED light fixtures, and front counter. Exam rooms and operatories received a makeover with new cabinets, wall-mounted monitors, bench storage, and more. Each operatory featured a back-up generator and HVAC units. To further serve the office, both architectural and engineering design were applied to a 1,200-square-foot office addition with new exam rooms and patient pick-up porch area with a new matching roof system and high windows. With clean finishes and a contemporary styling, Monarch unfurled an efficient office space that represents Taylor Ratliff Dental in every way.

Type of Project: Medical, Dental, and Hospital


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Monarch’s design team has extensive experience building spaces that suit medical practice’s specialized needs.


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