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Customize your office space’s design to match your business’s needs in real-time with Monarch’s Live Design technology.


When Monarch designs customized workspaces for companies, our team prioritizes creating an efficient building that suits the company’s present and projected needs, while also tying the history of the building or brand into the aesthetic elements of the project. As a result, Monarch delivers unique and distinctive designs that improve a company’s workspace, efficiently balance design aesthetics while optimally configuring square footage to allow for more employees, and amplify a brand’s voice. Our cost-effective, proprietary Live Design technology allows you to work one-on-one with our design team to create a live, 3D model of your space that you can view and change in real time while giving feedback, increasing efficiency and giving you control over your vision as we bring it to life.

Why choose Monarch?

    Customize a building that better suits your business’s needs based on brand, history, projected growth, and a balanced configuration of employees per square foot

    Cost effective: Monarch’s unique design process delivers your dream business design 75% faster, at a lower cost than competitive architecture firms

    Monarch also specializes in interior design and weaves interior design into the architectural design process

    Utilize our proprietary Live Design Process to see how your design choices will impact the resulting project in real time as your changes are made with virtual tours, 360-degree models, and 3D walkthroughs

    More than two decades of award-winning work experience on commercial and office space

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For a sample of our work, check out our featured projects below.

Featured Commercial and Office Projects

Hand and Stone Spa

Hand and Stone Spa sought to balance an innovative interior design with their serene branding, while maintaining an efficient use of the space. To meet these needs, Monarch designed a unique serenity room with a bubble wall that integrates colored lights and provides a contemporary, soothing feel, resulting in a peaceful and relaxing visit. To support business goals, Monarch also designed seven extra massage and facial rooms (including a room for couples), a waiting room, and a call center for staff that did not sacrifice retail square footage. Throughout the project, Monarch focused on energy efficiency, adding space for extra storage and occupancy sensors in all of the rooms.

Type of Project: Commercial and Office/Retail

AOR: Barnett Chenault

Power District Catalyst Building

This Community Redevelopment Agency project involved an interior renovation of an existing two-story building in only 14 months. The major challenge was to convert an abandoned, non-conditioned warehouse into a modern, efficient office complex. The Power District Catalyst Building challenged the team at Monarch Design Group to meet a short timeline, tight budget, and no defined site limits. The first phase demanded that the older warehouse be renovated into a mixed office and factory space, and the second phase asked for a tenant build-out on the main 2nd-story structure and an adjoining lobby space. Monarch Design Group worked within the original building's footprint to incorporate existing features. For example, Monarch made use of the original curb cuts, existing paving for dedicated parking, fans, and overhead doors in the proposed design. In addition, Monarch introduced an outdoor open space and green areas for recreational use. After construction, the building now has street-appeal and the Catalyst Building is now occupied by an award-winning robotics company.

Type of Project: Commercial and Office

AOR: Jim Vignola

Phalanx Warehouse Renovation

Monarch completed both architectural and structural renovations for the Phalanx Warehouse to meet the occupancy requirements for its new use as a Group F-2, Factory Occupancy building. With seamless communication and excellent quality control, Monarch designed first-floor renovations that included office partitions, café railings, and accessibility and egress modifications. On the second floor, the renovations incorporated more office partitions, a new north exit door with an egress balcony, stairs, exit signage, and emergency lighting. The completed renovations ensured that the Phalanx Warehouse more than complied with challenging current building codes for accessibility, while not sacrificing architectural design or efficiency.

Type of Project: Commercial and Office

AOR: Howard McLean

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Customize your office space’s design to match your business’s needs in real-time with Monarch’s Live Design technology.


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