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Build beautiful apartments sure to attract tenants with our team’s dedication to the little details that tie your project together.


Monarch Design Group has nearly two decades of experience with creating vibrant multi-family communities with spacious units and plenty of character that are any tenant’s dream. When working on multi-family projects, our team draws on details from the architectural styles of the surrounding area for inspiration and incorporates complementary stylistic elements into our designs. Need your project to seamlessly reflect its surrounding neighborhood’s style? See our featured projects such as Ashton Lane Phase II Luxury Apartments. If you’re interested in a striking standalone project that still complements the aesthetic of its surroundings, then request more information about Savion Park. With our Live Design technology, you’ll work one-on-one with our team and see your project as a live, 3D model while making changes in real time for your best results.

Why choose Monarch?

  • Award-winning work experience building beautiful multi-family communities
  • Cost Effective: Monarch’s unique design process delivers your dream multi-family project design 75% faster, at a lower cost than competitors
  • Monarch respectfully works with you to deliver the results you want within your budget
  • Utilize our proprietary Live Design Process to see how your design choices will impact the resulting project in real time as your changes are made; view live virtual tours, 360-degree models, and 3D walk throughs

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For a sample of our work, check out our featured projects below.

Featured Multi-Family Projects

The Quad Luxury Apartments

Located in Midtown Gainesville, the Quad offers a luxury residential community of one- to four-bedroom apartments that is both multi-story and multi-family. Monarch played on the idea of a quad being a gathering place for relaxation and study, that’s exactly what this apartment complex seeks to offer to residents. Apartments feature stunning quartz countertops imported from Italy, high-end finishes, and wood-look flooring throughout the apartment. An elevator connects to all four floors and a parking garage.

Type of Project: Multi-Family

AOR: Howard McLean

Tuscana Luxury Apartments

Monarch crafted Tuscana Luxury Apartments with an eye for detail, using hand-laid stone and brick to evoke a warm, inviting aesthetic reminiscent of the gorgeous architecture of northern Italy. Each component of Tuscana was chosen with the idea of Tuscan craftsmanship in mind, from the ornamental ironwork of the balconies to the rough-hewn rafter tails and trellises that enhance the rustic, yet refined quality of the spaces.

Type of Project: Multi-Family

AOR: Howard McLean

Ashton Lane Phase II Apartments

An excellent example of a high-density in-fill development, the Ashton Lane Phase 2 project consists of six newly constructed buildings ranging in size from a single-unit townhome to a three-story apartment building nestled among eight preexisting structures. The architectural style of each new building is tailored to complement the surrounding structures and relies heavily on masonry first floor exteriors, exposed rafters, and beams as unifying elements of the newly constructed structures.

Type of Project: Multi-Family

AOR: Howard McLean

Savion Park Luxury Apartments

Monarch focused on creating a modern and sleek design for Savion Park, a multifamily community that opened its soaring lofts to residents during early fall of 2014. Its modern materiality and volumetric geometry of the structure is accentuated with a vibrant color palette to reinforce its relationship with its lake-front surroundings and the Gainesville Innovation District. The structure holds a balance between Gainesville’s growth and the preservation of public park spaces through integrating landscaping into its vertical surfaces and enhancing the local area.

Type of Project: Multi-Family

AOR: Howard McLean

Solaria Luxury Apartments

Solaria Apartments is a departure from the tired architectural style that so commonly characterizes new student housing in Gainesville. The complex was designed to pay homage to the California mission style of construction and features traditional clay-tile roofs, stucco exteriors, and exposed heavy timbers. In designing Solaria, Monarch prioritized building efficiency while creating an intuitive flow and usable space between buildings.

Type of Project: Multi-Family

AOR: Howard McLean

Countryway Town Square

Monarch developed the plan for this mixed-use facility with a 6,000-square-foot state-of-the-art gym and fitness center and a 6,000-square-foot space dedicated to multi-family residences. To enhance the efficiency of this project, Monarch used a fully integrated BIM package to expedite the process from design to building completion, including all facets of structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and architectural systems. Country Way Town Square was completed in only five weeks. Monarch achieved quality, style, and functionality within a fraction of the proposed project duration through careful development and the fully-integrated BIM package.

Type of Project: Multi-Family

AOR: Howard McLean

UF Health - Florida Recovery Center

The UF Health Florida Recovery Center, architected by Monarch Design Group, represents a fusion of modern, sustainable design tailored for therapeutic use. Spanning 5.5 acres, this three-story, 52,000+ square foot residential treatment center features 21 apartments housing a total of 75 bedrooms. Designed for efficiency and healing, the facility includes patient accommodations, an administrative office space, and holistic health amenities such as an outdoor pool and a yoga park. Monarch’s commitment to sustainable architecture and functional design emphasizes creating environments that support recovery and enhance patient well-being. In partnership with Parrish McCall for construction and CHW for civil engineering, this project is set to become a leading model for health care facilities dedicated to addiction recovery.

Type of Project: Medical, Dental, and Hospital/Government/Multi-Family

AOR: Barnett Chenault

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